Medical Supplies

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Medical Supplies

 At Sky Inventory we pride ourselves to be able to source whatever our buyers need, whenever they need it. Via our vast network, we have relationships with various pharmaceutical houses that manufacture a range of medical life savings drugs and vaccines. We also offer access to manufacturers of specialized medical equipment. COVID -19 

In the face of the pandemic that has taken the entire world by storm, we at Sky Inventory have worked with our global network to bring to our client’s procurement solutions access to various products and brands across the globe. Inquire within for further details.

From Disposables to specialized medical equipment procured at the best possible cost is what we offer you. We believe that at no given time should our buyers or their dependant supply chains be hampered by false offerings and limited product availability.

  • Hospital Medical Supplies
  • Nitrile / Vinyl Gloves
  • Respiratory Masks 
  • Needles, Syringes,Vaccines


We pride ourselves to be working some of the leading manufacturers of gloves, both nitrile and Latex based out of Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. We also bring to the table access to Glove brands that are wholly controlled by 3M via dedicated distributors based in the United States, Europe and Asia. 


The one disposable that has become mandatory to own today is a face mask. From surgical 3ply single use masks to N95s manufactured by 3M and other independent manufacturers globally. We at Sky have access to dedicated distribution lines from 3M and also relationships with manufacturers for surgical masks and disposables.